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At GeniusIT our hardworking and dedicated staff members are able to produce highly efficient software solutions with their practical knowledge in the respective fields. As such, a group of highly experienced and skillful professionals has developed our School Management software. Our software consists of a multitude of modules that every school requires to effectively manage they vast array of sectors that surrounds the school. All the different sections of the software are managed separately in their own right. For example, administration information and student information must not mingle together and teachers have no need to access admin data. So, such access is controlled and data are stored separately, ensuring a reliable experience. Our Students Database is very robust and enables complex search queries and complete database management from adding new students to keeping track of attendance. Any alterations and updates to data can be done easily without much effort. Moreover, the results data can be inserted into the Students Database as a profile of their performance, even as time progresses and exam styles change. We deliver a connected experience by making use of multiple data sets from staff information, library management and even accounting. Highly effective reports are also available in each sector with great choices to meet all your expectations in terms of report production. We are aiming to provide you with a complete solution to manage every sector in your organization and provide a smooth experience at the same time.




    • Admission Circular
    • Admission History
    • Admission Result

Student Information:

    • Students details
    • Student Course
    • Meritorious Students

Fees Collection:

    • Collect Fees (Admission)
    • Collect Fees (Regular)
    • Fees Type
    • Fees Report

Fees Collection:

    • Teacher Attendance
    • Staffs Attendance
    • Student Attendance
    • Attendance Report

Fees Collection:

  • Academic Council


    • Former Personel
    • Promote Student
    • Sections
    • Subjects
    • class schedule
    • Academic Calendar
    • Syllabus
    • Educational Chapel
    • Board Decoration
    • Class Load
    • Sports Program
    • New Section
    • Subjects
    • New Subject
    • All Subjects
    • Path Finder

Master Setting:

  • Designations
  • Department
  • School Setting
  • Institute Head Message
  • Notice board
  • Holidays
  • Events
  • Co curricular activities

    • Documents & admission
    • Slider / Gallery photo

Hostel Management:

    • Hall supervisor
    • Hostel list
    • Room Setting
    • Hostel Allocation
    • Hostel Transfer
    • Hostel Fee Collection
    • Hostel Report
    • Hostel Allocation Report
    • Hostel Details
    • Available Room
    • Fee Collection Report


  • Result
  • Add Tutorial Result
  • Add Term Result
  • Add Practical Result
  • View Subject Result
  • Progress Report
  • Term Progress Report
  • Standard Progress Report
  • Promote Students



    • Staff Biography
    • Staff List
    • Staff Salary
    • Staff Salary List
    • Staff Pay salay
    • Staff Pay salay report
    • Teachers Biography
    • Teachers Biography list
    • Guardians Biography


    • Account Group
    • Account Ledger
    • Journal Entry
    • Journal Report
    • Cash flow statement
    • Bank Reconciliation Report
    • Trial Balance
    • Ledger Balance
    • Profit loss Statement
    • Balance Sheet
    • Report
    • Balance Report

Store Management :

  • Purchase Module
  • Sales Module
  • Stock Report
  • Daily/monthy/yearly Report



    • Books
    • View All Books
    • Add New Book
    • View Books Category
    • Issued Books
    • Issued Book List
    • New Issue Book

Transport Management :

    • Vehicle management
    • Driver management
    • Route management
    • Transport Allocation
    • Fee collection

Leave Management :

    • Add Leave Type
    • Leave Type list
    • Add Leave
    • Leave List


  • Change Password


Development Tools:

Payment Procedure:

    • Student wise total payment in the last week of the month.
    • Payment will goes to Universal IT Accounts pay Cheque.
    • Support & Maintenance: Universal IT will provide support and maintenance


  • 1st training: Free
  • 2nd training & others: 2000 taka(In Universal IT), 5000 taka(In clients office)

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